Become a GreenMakerSPACE Mentor

Are you an experienced entrepreneur or business leader looking to advance the global cleantech economy? Become a GreenMakerSPACE mentor and help accelerate entrepreneurs and emerging companies across the United States, Israel, and China.

The GreenMakerSPACE mentorship program provides a unique opportunity for “green” entrepreneurs to meet one-on-one with successful entrepreneurs and business experts. GreenMakerSPACE mentors are experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders with proven records of success in relevant cleantech industries or innovation-driven startups. Our mentors become a champion for their mentees, helping them:

  • Build excellent business plans
  • Gain customer discovery feedback
  • Make strategic connections
  • Fine-tune investor pitches
  • Create strong employee teams

Participating mentors receive:

  • Networking opportunities with other mentors, coaches and startup companies
  • Discounted registration to all GreenMakerSPACE events
  • Discounted registration to all UCCTC sponsored events, including certified trade missions to China, B2B matchmaking exchanges, and other high-profile conferences and Forums (e.g. Global Clean Vehicle Summit, U.S. – China Cleantech Innovation Forum)

Expectations and Time Commitments

GreenMakerSPACE mentors are valued resources. Mentors agree to offer their time, experience, and business advice on a strictly voluntary basis.  How much time a Mentor spends with a particular venture will depend on their availability, willingness to participate, their particular skill set, and synergy between the parties.  On average, mentors may spend a minimum of two hours per month with their mentees. Longer relationships, however, are welcomed and often forged.  GreenMakerSPACE companies  do not follow a structured program with deliverables providing a framework for mentorship.

As volunteers, mentors will not be asked to sign any contract, non-disclosure agreement or other legal document. Nor will mentors be asked to perform any work on behalf of their mentees.

It is important that GreenMakerSPACE companies trust their mentors as a valued partner. Mentors are expected to not pitch or solicit employment from their mentees during the program. 


For additional information, contact:

Jeff Horowitz at  (United States)

Maya Ben Dror at (Israel)

Jennifer Jia at (China)